EPA to Hold Webinar on TSCA Inventory Reporting

The U.S. Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) is hosting webinar on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, from 1-4 PM EDT, to assist importers, manufacturers, and processors, with future reporting requirements under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Inventory Notification (Active-Inactive) final rules.

Almost half of chemical substances found on the TSCA Inventory have been reported as ‘active’ by importers, manufacturers or processors. A substance is not designated as an ‘inactive substance’ until 90 days after EPA publishes the initial version of the Inventory with all listings identified as active or inactive.

Importers, manufacturers and processors should be aware that if there is a substance that is listed as ‘inactive’ that is currently being manufactured or processed, they have 90 days to file an NOA Form B so that they can continue their current activity. Manufacturers and processors that intend to manufacture or process an ‘inactive’ substance in the future must submit an NOA Form B before they start their activity.

The webinar will include an overview of filing a Notice of Activity Form B, a demo of the electronic reporting application, and time for questions and answers. Registration for the webinar is not required.

For details, visit www.epa.gov/tsca-inventory .

Reported by Helen Gillespie, Chemical-Matters.com