ECHA to Host SME Verification Webinar in June

ECHA will be hosting a webinar on right-sizing your company for SME verification on 9 June 2020 from 11:00 – 13:00 EEST, GMT + 3

The webinar will discuss the steps needed to take to ensure that a company’s size has been declared correctly to avoid unnecessary fees. Toppics to be convered include:

  • Learn about the SME definition
  • Learn how to assess your company size
  • Examples of ownership structures and calculations
  • Key messages and tips

The webinar will be published on ECHA’s home page on the day of the event at 11:00 Helsinki Time (EEST, GMT +3). Following the webinar, a live Q&A session through Slido will be held to answer questions.

For details, visit www.ECHA.Europa.EU.

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